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You Are Athlete: All-American Showcase Recap

The All-American Showcase was held in Houston, TX this year, and nearly 300+ of the top athletes from around the country made their way in after 12 nationwide regional camps. 

The talent in attendance was eye-catching. We saw stiff competition, plays made, and offers extended during & after the event. Here is a breakdown by position of the MVP Performers and what they did to stand out. 


MVP - Landen Holley (2027, FL): Holley showed poise all weekend, delivering the ball with accuracy and timeliness. The 2027 prospect already holds offers from Florida, UCF, and USF.

Lorenzo Aguirre (2027, TX): Aquirre performed well, making good decisions throughout the weekend. He will have an opportunity to show it this year. 

Sam Wiles (2025, OH): Wiles threw for 1,300+ yards last year. This past weekend, he brought his skills and threw receivers open. This season will be pivotal in helping him find a home on the next level. 

Tamarion Crochett (2025, TX): Crochett catches your attention with his size alone, standing close to 6’5 and weighing around 200 pounds. The 2025 QB showed good range in close to intermediate throws and displayed strong leadership.

Connor Bailey (2026, TX): Bailey may have the most upside on this list. He’s a gamer who can use his arms and legs to create winning matchups against the defense. One to watch with FCS potential.

Jett Howard (2025, CO): Howard came from Colorado to showcase his skills. Howard has a solid frame at 6’4, 205lbs and makes bright throws

Ashton Robinson (2025, TX): Robinson is quite the athlete but showed that he can put zip on the ball, putting it out in front of receivers and giving them a chance to make plays after the catch. Robinson holds multiple G5 offers. 

Fernando Rodriguez (2025, IL): Rodriguez showed an ability to keep the chains moving and keep defenders on their toes



MVP - Jaelon Dixon (2025, TX): Dixon is a speedster who can make defenders miss. Dixon made good cuts and made game-changing plays all weekend, winning MVP. 

Chad Elzy (2025, LA): Elzy is a well-put-together back who knows how to find the hole. He has vision and shows bursts when he has the ball.


Nicholas Tramble (2026, TX): Tramble carries himself with a strong sense of confidence. He backs it up with his play, making defenders miss and displaying solid hands when you throw him the ball. Tramble already holds 10+ offers. 

Xavier Bala (2027, NY): Bala has a firm built back with tremendous upside. He runs forcefully and makes defenders think twice before lining up against him. 

Titus Johnson (2024, OK): Johnson understands the game well and showed quickness all weekend. 

Wesley Yarbrough (2025, TX): You have to love this kid’s attitude first and foremost. He shows up to work and takes the game seriously. He had defenders guessing every time they lined up against him. Yarbrough holds 12+ offers to this point, including Oklahoma State, TCU & Arizona, to name a few. 

Caiden Collins (2025, TX): Collins is a quick, savvy ball carrier who gets positive yards and takes advantage of any space you give him. He has solid hands and displays an ability to improve the more times he touches the ball. He holds offers from San Diego and Davidson (Who offered after the camp)

Marquez Davis (2025, TX): Davis shows some explosion as a runner and makes reliable plays when called upon. He’s a good football player who holds Air Force, Navy & Lamar offers.


MVP - James Scott (2026, TX): Things are looking up for Scott. He has length and width and can make catches that others can’t. At 6’5, 180 pounds, Scott already has multiple offers. 

Tre’Awn Young-Henderson (2025, TX): Henderson showed speed and the ability to make tough catches. He’s the player you just get the ball in his hands. 

Jayden Johnson (2027, TX): Johnson showed an ability to get in and out of brakes quickly. He showed solid hands and got open frequently.


Adrian Scott (2025, FL): Scott was a top performer because of his consistent performance over the weekend, his ability to make plays on the football, and his good adjustment.

Rudy Garcia (2024, TX): Garcia showed solid hands and made it hard for defenders to keep up with him. 


MVP - Maxwell Robinson (2026, KS): Robinson potentially has the most upside in the group due to his 6’4, 280-pound frame. Robinson showed why he has offers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, and several others. The sky is the limit for Robinson.  

Nicolas Marti (2025, FL): Marti had a strong showing, holding his ground in the trenches and encouraging other offensive linemen to step up when beat. He is extremely coachable and a good base for an interior player who could contribute at Guard or Center on the next level. 

Matthew Ary (2025, TX): Ary is a tough prospect, standing 6’2, 310 pounds. Ary showed up in a major way this past weekend, walling off defenders and holding his ground. He’s expected to be a focal point for his school this weekend. 

Zavier Daniels (2025, MI): Daniels is a massive at 6’7, 320 pounds. After his showing this weekend, pancaking several defenders, Youngstown State won't be the only offer he earns. 

Devan Robison (2026, TX): Robison has tremendous potential at the position. He’s smart, uses his hands well, and maintains leverage. Right now, he holds offers from North Texas and Sam Houston State. 

Pupungatoa Katoa (2026, TX): Katoa is very hard to move when he gets his hands on you. He is good size, standing nearly 6’5, 370 pounds. He has almost 20 offers, picking up several following the camp, such as Oregon, Kansas State & others. 

Japhet Nduwimana (2025, AZ): Nduwimana is a hard-working player who simply shows up to do the job when called upon. At 6’4, 315 pounds, if he continues to improve, he could earn some looks down the stretch. 

Decarlo Alvarez (2026, FL): Alvarez is a versatile lineman who can flex multiple positions. He’s physically vocal and isn’t afraid of lining up against anyone, which is a positive.


MVP - Mason Smith (2025, PA): Smith is stepping into his own as a defender. He plays with physical hands and looks to bully any opponent he’s up against. His offer sheet is starting to take off, and at nearly 6’4, 230 pounds, Smith should expect to receive even more attention. 

Alexander McMoore (2025, TX): McMoore is quite the technician when using his hands to get past offensive linemen. So far, he’s received interest from Washington State and New Mexico, but with a big summer ahead, he’ll be looking to get active on the trail soon. 

Elijah Appleberry (2026, OH): Appleberry is an aggressive prospect with a muscular build. Appleberry plays until the whistle blows disrupting the pocket on the regular. 

Mason Kasitati (2025, NV): Kasitati competed, making a consistent push in the pocket. Right now, he looks to fit the mold of an interior defender who can use his quickness to make things complicated for an offense. 

Malachi Ramnath (2025, PA): Ramnath has a good burst off the line and a strong sense of urgency when coming after the QB. Ramnath holds a few offers to this point, but the 2025 is looking to have a strong summer and add more. 

Jeffrey Fobbs III (2025, TX): Fobbs is a physical defender who thrives from causing havoc on the interior. Fobbs will play a vital role in helping his HS, Mansfield, go for their third state title, and he should pick up some offers along the way.

Tanielu Maafala-Barbasa (2026, NV): Something about Maafala-Barbasa stands out. He has a great motor and commands attention from the edge because he won’t stop until you blow the whistle. There is also the expectation that he will grow a bit more; if that’s the case, he will be able to add several more offers to his list. Central Michigan has already entered the equation. 

Jeremiah Ticket (2025, GA): Ticket is slept on a a high-rising prospect who can get after the football. Ticket disrupts the game with his hands and how he pushes the pocket. Ticket could be in store for his football, especially when he gets to the next level. Ticket is a Sunday guy. Only time will tell for the multi-offered 2025 talent. 

Connor Heiderman (2026, NE): Heiderman doesn’t accept losing reps, so much so that when he does, he’s quick to jump back in and win the next one. He is a good size at around 6’3, 255 pounds. As he continues to improve his technique and refines his game, he can see himself generating buzz, especially heading into his junior year. 



MVP - Gavin Aldmon (2027, TX): Young and upcoming prospect who showed good skill and technique. He will have a real chance to put it on full display next season. One to keep an eye on. 

Jamarcus Vawters (2025, AL): Vawters has length and versatility. Also, when he shows up, he shows up in a hurry, delivering a pop to the opposition. Illinois State was the first to offer but he has several visits planned that could spring more offers. 

Ted Tuimauga (2026, CA): Tuimauga is an intriguing prospect who spent the last few years playing but is shifting to linebacker. With his speed and versatility in the position, he could see his best football days ahead of him. He is a very exciting player with two years to play. 

Bennet Woodring (2025, LA): Woodring has a nice build and plays well. He’s a physical player who attacks the ball carrier and isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty. Could see a few schools jumping in the equation for the dual-sport athlete (Football/Track). 

Jayveon Johnson (2025, TX): Johnson has all the length you can think of with an 80-inch wing span. He also flies to the ball quickly, standing nearly 6’3 190 pounds. Johnson dominated all weekend, and following his performance, he should garner a few more eyeballs to add to his current offer sheet potentially. 

Antoine Sharp (2026, FL): Sharp is a hard kid to miss based on his size and frame alone. Once you see the kid play, it’s no wonder he’s earned 12+ offers, including Missouri today. Sharp should generate even more national attention in the months to come. 

Kaleb Burns (2025, TX): A Competitor. That’s one thing that stands out about Burns. Coming into the event, Burns held 20+ offers, and with the likes of Houston, Florida, SMU, and many others vying for his services, they are certainly in a fight for the talented lineman. 

Rafael Little (2025, SC): Little has the range and frame that makes you look twice. He’s a highly coachable prospect who can affect the game in multiple facets. Right now, he holds several FCS offers, but there’s a chance that a G5 could jump in the fold late, based on sheer upside alone. 


MVP - Bryce Samuels (2026, TX): Samuels showed ball-hawking ability this past weekend, making plays in both 1v1 reps and the 7v7 portion. Samuels 2026 didn’t shy away from any competition, earning MVP honors on the weekend. 

Jordan Ravenell (2026, SC): Ravendell displayed solid technique and awareness for finding the football. There is still a reasonable amount of time for 2026 to continue to hone his craft. 

Azavier McDaniel (2027, NV): McDaniel is a name we should expect to hear from in the coming years. A Bishop Gorman talent who already has solid size at 5’10 and 165 pounds, McDaniel plays with good instincts and is aggressive. One to watch. 

Amarion Spencer (2025, TX): Spencer is a rigid defensive back who likes to stick his nose in the middle of a play. He plays with no fear and made several plays on the ball this past weekend. 

Kilan Perry (2025, VA): Perry seems like he could ultimately project into a safety/nickel based on his frame. He competes and puts his hands on opposing players to disrupt plays and plays until the whistle.

Cedric Twyman (2025, AL): Twyman is a crafty DB who always seems to find himself in a position to make a play. Twyman plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, being physical and flying to the ball. It’s only time until the rising senior earns an offer. 

Lyn Wilson (2025, MI): Wilson played recklessly throughout the weekend, showing an ability to be vocal and disrupt plays when the ball came his way. 

Amir Furby (2025, MD): Furby is a chippy prospect who makes the most of the opportunities given. He played with poise all weekend, stepping up the challenge several times. 


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